Our team together account for over 20 years of experience with SMI machines and other equipment in automated producing. The founder of our company was working for 12 years directly to SMI. After quitting from SMI he kept receiving phone calls from past customers whom where requesting precisely him for the work they needed done on their SMI equipment. Although at this point he was no longer working for SMI, his past customers still wanted him for the job, even if not under SMI’s flag. After a lasting demand, in 2014 he decided to found his own company under the name ARACOM and continued servicing SMI machines; now with an opportunity to provide an even better and more user-personalized service.

We are a small company and this is one of our advantages. If you deal with us, you will always be in contact with the same 3-4 people. This allows us to have a closer contact with you and your equipment; this way we are better able to keep track of your specific needs and specific production challenges you and your machinery have to face and serve. This will save you time and energy, as there will be no need to explain your equipment’s history and specific/typical problems on it (as it would be needed every time when a new technician/engineer arrives to your site). After a few visits we will gain a good familiarity with your machine(s) and the situation at your site. (This might also allow us to better help you out through the phone as well in cases when a problem can be solved remotely.) In our experience the recurring personal contact with your staff (be it production line workers on people from the technical department or management) also helps to make your/their job easier and smoother; and frankly ours too!


packaging machines, conveyors

Our main focus is planned maintenance. On our first visit to your site we will do a diagnostic check-up on your equipment and give you a report of the machine’s state; we will recommend preventative measures to keep your equipment as reliable and efficient as possible. We can recommend spare parts to keep in stock and we can schedule an intervention for the actual maintenance.

We are happy to help with unexpected problems, with troubleshooting; and – our headquarters being in Scandinavia – often might have the possibility to be present at your site in a short time to help you get your production up and running again.

We know the SMI conveyor systems, the older ones as well. Be it servicing your existing system, creating a reliable update/restore solution for your operating panel (the weakest point of these systems), or updating the entire system to a more reliable one: we can help you! If you have an old SMI conveyor system, there is a good chance that you have difficulties keeping an easy to use and reliable backup/restore system on the operator panel (as it is a challenge for most users). You might have already considered updating (because it’s difficult to get support and it’s difficult to get spare parts and it’s difficult to make backups on these systems – all of which is a potential treat to your production). We can help you both with creating a reliable backup system or even updating your conveyor system keeping your conveyors working the same way as they do now.

We can give training to you and your staff on the proper usage of the machine – in production, format change and maintenance. We are good at explaining and helping to understand it all in the depth you desire.

We can review your format change procedures and help improve them so that it takes less time and effort to set-up the machine to efficiently work on a different format.

We can also add new formats to your SMI packer – covering both hardware and software.

We can review and fine-tune your settings for your existing formats in order to increase your productivity, decrease downtime and decrease waste. It’s common that these settings need re-adjustment as some parts of the machine get worn. We highly recommend preventing your staff trying to take these measures into their own hands!


or a specific machine’s productivity

On your request – during any of our visit at your site – we can audit your production and procedures and if we think there is possibility for significant productivity improvement, we will gladly offer our services with that.

We can provide you the tools for having a good overview of your production statistics; to keep track of your downtime (and production time), to keep track of amounts of materials entering and exiting your production line / or part of your production line / or even a specific machine. All these in order to give you better control over your production; to be able to optimize your purchase of materials, timing and quantities etc.

We can audit your production line / part of your production line / a specific machine to find ways for improvement and thereby increase your output and productivity, decrease your downtime and lower your production losses.

We can be present during changeovers and help your team work out changeover guides / improve the existing ones, while suggesting changes in the changeover procedure for shortening changeover time and reduce the resources needed for completion of your changeover. We can help you manufacture special tools for speeding up specific steps of the changeover and to make the job simpler/easier for your team as well making it possible to get the same result and accurate setup each time a changeover is carried out.


second-hand or new machines

If you do not have SMI machinery in your production, but you would need / you consider investing in a second-hand packaging machine we can help you with that. (SMI or other made, likewise with non-packaging machines) We can properly disassemble the machine for you at its current location and install it on your site. One of our fields of work is relocating machines, therefore we have good contacts with second-hand machine suppliers. When our customers want to sell their pre-owned equipment they often contact us first to see if we know someone who would need their equipment.



Our prices are competitive and our standards are high.

In most cases we can help you find alternative solutions. Our goal is to help you achieve yours!

A few of our customer references: Lervig Aktiebryggeri, Stavanger (NO); Spendrups Bryggeri AB, Grängesberg (SE); Bavaria Getränkemaschinen GmbH; CB Bryggeri, Kristiansand (NO), Hansa Borg, Sarpsborg (NO).


Please do not hesitate to contact us, we would be happy to hear from you and to find out how we could help your company with our services.

Tollekleiv 3, 4715 Øvrebø



Being a small company we don’t have a person dedicated for customer contacts. This might cause that at times we cannot directly answer your phone call. In such case you can expect a call-back from us in a short time. On the same note we would like to encourage you to make your first contact to us via email.

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